Durango, Colorado

The DO Difference

Our goal is to grow the best cannabis that money can buy. We go that extra mile to ensure that the flower we grow is of the highest quality possible, and we LOVE doing it.

Boss Booty

Naturally Awesome

✓ Fed with CANNA nutrients ✓ Hand-watered ✓ Inspected Daily ✓ Soil-grown in 10 gallon pots

While it may seem like a lot of effort to grow in soil and spend time hand watering and inspecting each plant every day, it ensures the highest quality and lets us head off any potential pest problems before they begin. The extra effort is reflected in our product.

Flower House

Room To Grow

✓ Rotating 60 boutique strains ✓ 22,000sf hybrid greenhouse ✓ Ample space between plants

Our state of the art hybrid greenhouse uses natural sunlight as well as 408,000 watts of supplemental light when necessary. Our heated concrete floors are kept meticulously clean, and ample space is provided between plants. This lets air move freely, preventing stress and pests, and eliminating the need for yucky chemicals. Our bottom line is a little higher than most, because the highest quality marijuana available is the only result we'll accept.

Strawberry Fields

Experience Wins

✓ Decades of growing experience ✓ Obsessive commitment to quality ✓ Grown with OMRI-listed products

Decades of growing experience have taught us that there's just no substitute for doing things right. The extra effort we put into growing our flower is apparent when you taste it. From our natural integrated pest management, to our use of OMRI listed products, we accept nothing less than producing the finest cannabis available. Our growers care about the product they produce and we are sure that you'll see and taste the DO DIFFERENCE.

Watts supplemental lighting
Boutique strains
Sf greenhouse space
Durango, Colorado
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