Magic Carpet, 19.1%

50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Dakini Kush x New York City Diesel

Magic Carpet is a phenomenal and perfectly balanced Hybrid strain that is the genetic cross between Dakini Kush (Indica) and New York City Diesel (Sativa).  Dakini Kush is a delicious strain that has aromatic bursts of Sweet caramel and berries coupled perfectly with flavors of candy and berries.  Dakini Kush is great for depression, fatigue, mood disorders, muscle spasms, and pain conditions.  New York City Diesel is a great Sativa strain best known for its pungent diesel aromas.  New York City Diesel is exceptional at relieving ADD/ADHD, arthritis, appetite loss, depression, fatigue, inflammation, mood disorders, and pain conditions.  Magic Carpet is a wonderful mix of the two and is best known for its delicious Citrus notes with pine and citrus flavors.  Magic Carpet is the perfect strain for treating such ailments as anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, appetite loss, migraines, nausea and stress.