The Clear, 350mg

Golden Goat, 84.86%.

Grapevine, 91.68%.

Lemon Haze, 84.86%.

Lobster Butter, 91.68%.

Pure Pear, 84.86%.

XJ-13, 84.86%

The new Clear cartridges are custom-designed to effectively vaporize undiluted Clear Concentrate. Testing at approximately 90% THC, these cartridges deliver the best vaping experience on the market. The new cartridges are made from quartz glass, stainless steel, and Japanese organic cotton. A patent-pending center post diffuser and maximized air ports ensure long, full hits. The innovative wickless design features a vertical coil for efficient heating, as well as a one-way anti-leak valve to combat the main sources of cartridge failure. The cartridges contain 500mg THC and come available in all of our seventeen flavors.