Rocky Mountain Remedies Shatter, 1G

Golden Goat, Sativa. 75.07%

Ice Cream, Hybrid. 73.1%.

Astro Boy, Hybrid. 76.08%.

Grape God, Hybrid. 70.29%.

Girl Scout Cookies, Hybrid. 74.06%.

Power Kush, Indica. 81.1%. 

Double Tangie Banana, Sativa Hybrid. 71.66%.

Pre '98 Bubba Kush, Indica. 78.77%.

East Coast Sour Diesel, Sativa. 81.3%.

Alpen Glow, Hybrd. 70.1%.

Purple God Bud, Hybrid. 76.55%.

RMR (Rocky Mountain Remedies) concentrates are not only top shelf, but they are also cost effective.  Rocky Mountain Remedies specializes in top quality, pure concentrates.  Lab tests show 0 ppm residual solvents detected in RMR’s product, meaning they contain no butane or other solvents.  They offer different strengths of strain-specific pre-filled cartridges (100mg-300mg) as well as wax and shatter.

*These are processed with DO’s own Trim*