Magic Buzz Cannabis Shots

Hybrid, 10mg & 40mg.  One full shot for a relaxed, restorative and contemplative “session”. Contains a 10mg hybrid Indica/Sativa in a Green Tea blend, ‘super-juiced’ with anti-oxidant Acai and Maqui Berries to refuel your trip.

Indica, 10mg & 40mg.  One full shot as maximum strength sleep aid. Contains a 40mg Indica and Valerian Root in a Chamomile tea blend. Also contains Melatonin, a sleep-aid naturally produced by the pineal gland. No more than two bottles per 8 hours.

Sativa, 10mg & 40mg.  One full shot for an uplifting boost of energy, enhanced creative senses and cerebral mood. Contains 10mg Sativa and 140mg caffeine in a natural tea blend of Yerba Mate and Taurine to supercharge your journey.

Magic Buzz Cannabis Shots are a great way to discretely get that wonderful euphoria while on the go.  Magic Buzz is a company that is committed to providing the highest quality Marijuana products with an absolute and total focus on consistency of the dosage.  Magic Buzz is committed to producing products with distinguished characteristics, functional euphoria’s and absolute effectiveness.