Keef Cola Soda's, 10mg

Boost Drink Additive, Blue Dream, Hybrid, 100mg.

Boost Drink Additive, Orange Kush, Hybrid, 100mg.

Boost Drink Additive, Purple Passion, Indica, 100mg.

Cola, 10mg.

Blue Razz, 10mg.

Ginger Ale, 10mg.

Orange Kush, 10mg.

Purple Passion Grape, 10mg.

Root Beer, 10mg.

Sparkling Water, Blood Orange, 10mg.

Sparkling Water, Lemon, 10mg.

Keef Cola is one of the first Cannabis infused beverage products to be offered in Colorado.  All the Cannabis used in Keef Cola is Co2 extracted for the purest of hash oil.  Keef Cola’s come in a wide variety of flavors, everything from Cola to Root Beer, all of which taste just like a great soda without the Cannabis aftertaste.  Get yours today, you won’t be disappointed.