Incredibles Chocolate Bars, 100mg

Affogato Bar, 100mg.  Dark and Milk Chocolate, Espresso Beans, and Caramel.

Black Cherry CBD Bar, 100mg.  Dried cherries in rich milk chocolate infused with 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBD.

Blueberry Bliss Bar, 100mg.  This bar combines creamy white chocolate, fresh blueberries, and crispy puffs of rice with 100mg of THC.

Boulder Bar, 100mg.  Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Toffee Bits.

Cookies & Cream Bar, 100mg.  Classic Cookies and Cream infused chocolate bar is now better than ever. Just a pinch of salt makes a world of difference to an already flavorful edible.

Mile High Mint Bar, 100mg.  Cool Milk Chocolate with Peppermint.

Monkey Bar, 100mg.  A delightful blend of coconut, toasted walnuts, and real banana in infused milk chocolate creating a heavenly flavor.

Orange Bar, 100mg.  Tangerine oil and orange pieces in dark chocolate.

Pistachio Mint Bar, 100mg.  This tasty combination brings two favorites together…salted pistachios with a hint of mint in infused white chocolate.

Peanut Butter Buddha Bar, 100mg.  Combining white chocolate with tasty peanut butter and crunchy bits of gluten-free pretzels, Peanut Budda Buddha will bring you to “peanut butter nirvana” with its euphoric flavor.

Strawberry Crunch Bar, 100mg.  White Chocolate with Flax Crispies and Real Strawberries.

Key Lime Pie Bar, 100mg. Creamy Key Lime Chocolate with Grahamcrackers.

Incredibles Edibles provide a much needed and preferred method to those intolerant to smoking, or medical patients who are unable to smoke due to illness.  Incredibles has become synonymous with quality and consistency throughout the country and around the globe.  Incredibles mission is to consistently provide high quality, handcrafted, infused products that taste great.