District Edibles Gummies, 100mg

Hybrid, 100mg.  A perfect balance between head and body high.

Indica, 100mg.  Perfect for sleep and anxiety disorders with a laid back body high. 

Sativa, 100mg.  Great for those on the go!  With a heady high it will keep you trucking throughout the day.  

District Edibles are THC infused gummies from your friends at O.Pen Vape.  All District Edibles are created in small batches, with ultra-premium Co2 extracted Cannabis Oil.  District Edibles are fast acting, consistent, and have exquisite flavors.  District Edibles will keep you coming back for more.  The District Edibles flavors are Peach, Sour Apple and Watermelon for Hybrid, Blue Raspberry, Lemon-Lime and Orange for Indica, and Cherry Cola, Strawberry and Tropical Punch for Sativa.