Chill Pills, 100mg, CBD, Indica, Sativa

Breathe Easy, 100mg.  For those times when you just need a chill pill. These all-natural vegan hard candies are delicious and feel great. Our Sublime Spearmint variety combines the stimulating effects of our own in-house sativa strains, combined with the gentle decongesting abilities of fresh mint. Also great for treating anxiety, pain, and upset stomach.

Calm Down, 100mg.  Take a deep breath and chill out with our ever-popular all-natural chill pills. These delightful little gems will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth and a new lease on life. Try our Heavenly Honey variety to enjoy the calming effects of our own in-house indica strains, combined with throat-soothing local Colorado honey from our Boulder farm. 

CBD Blueberry, 50mg CBD, 100mg THC.  These sweet little hard candies combine CBD's phenomenally relaxing non-psychoactive properties with THC's more cerebral effects. They are infused with our own farm-grown cannabis high in CBD, a naturally occurring compound in cannabis renowned for its ability to relieve pain.  We love it for use with pain management, inflammation, or insomnia.

The Growing Kitchen is a local, family-run business that supports changing the world through the power of plants. They created Chill Pills in order to offer a healthier alternative to smoking and vaping.  Chill Pills are very discreet, flavorful and fast acting.  Growing their own marijuana is central to The Growing Kitchen's mission of providing the highest-quality cannabis experience available.  They raise all of their own plants by organic methods, in indoor hydroponic and outdoor soil gardens on the outskirts of beautiful Boulder, Colorado.