Altus Pills, 100mg

CBD, Non-Intoxicating, Relaxing & Relieving.  Cannabidiol (CBD) CBD has tremendous medical potential. There is data pointing to the need to have both CBD and THC present for optimal therapeutic effect.  Research is currently being conducted to determine these optimal ratios.

Indica, Euphoric, Relaxing & Sedative.  Indica -Though there are some exceptions to the rule, indica varieties are shorter plants which mature more quickly.  When inhaled, indica varieties can be extremely sedative and relaxing.  These effects can be amplified when ingested.

Sativa, Euphoric, Relaxing & Uplifting.  Sativa – These varieties evolved in the equatorial areas of the world. Sativa varieties grow tall and longer time to mature.  When inhaled, sativa strain varieties tend to give what is described as a “head high”.  However, when ingested, both a body and head high have been described.

Altus introduced Cannabis in a fast-acting pill form for those who have a hard time with inhalation.  Altus Pills offer a euphoric, relaxing and uplifting alternative to smoking Cannabis.  Altus Pills come in CBD, Indica and Sativa varieties.  The Indica tend to be extremely sedative and relaxing, while Sativa deliver a super heady high just enough body high to keep you kicked back.