IndigoPro Cartridges, 500mg

1:1 CBD/THC, 500mg.

Hybrid, 500mg.

Indica, 500mg.

Sativa, 500mg.

Midnight Moon (Blackberry & Blueberry), 500mg.

Mountain Mist (Cool Mint), 500mg.

Night Rider (Sugar Plum), 500mg.

Oz's Orchard (Apple), 500mg.

Sumatran Sunrise (Blood Orange), 500mg.

Indigo Pro Batteries’ Advanced Vapor System provides a smooth, easy draw that vibrates discretely to let you know it’s working.  IndigoPro’s innovative ceramic atomizer cartridge technology features the purest cannabis nectar, CO2-extracted from The Farm’s craft cannabis in Boulder, Colorado.  IndigoPro’s magnetic, leak-resistant ceramic cartridges, pop on and off for ease of use.  Draw indicator discreetly vibrates when activated Durable exterior casing, virtually unbreakable under normal use.  Choose from a variety of flavored artisanal oils.  Long-lasting battery, vapes while charging.  Includes compact carrying/storage case.